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What is Tablanket you ask?


An all-in-one

table & blanket

That collapses and folds

Into an easy-to-carry case!


As sophisticatedly as the human race has evolved, we still find ourselves doing things on the ground or floor.  Whether it’s enjoying nature, playing with our kids, tailgating at a ball game, picnicking, or just lounging around, our lifestyle of sitting, dining, relaxing, and being active on the ground should be comfortable as well as convenient.  The Tablanket offers such a solution by combining a plush, water resistant blanket with a stable hard top surface to put our “things” on, be it food, drinks, toys, electronic devices, or whatever we humans interact with.  And then the beauty is when you’re ready to go, Tablanket folds up into its own compact carrying case that is lightweight and easy to lug around.  Spill a drink or have a messy accident on the blanket, no worries, the blanket can quickly be unzipped from the table portion, machine washed and dried, then zipped back on in a matter of seconds, ready for your next outing.  BUY YOURS TODAY!


US Patent #8590462. Copyright 2013.